A calm, still evening – with barely a breath of wind.

Lenses packed, rucksack on, tripod fastened, boots laced. Action stations!
A rare day in Wicklow, with little wind and no rain!
There were a few bright intervals, with partly cloudy skies – on which as a photographer, I tried to capitalise of course!
I had intended to climb Croaghanmoira (one of my many regular haunts) as I knew that at this time of year the heather on the mountain slopes becomes a rich, deep purple.
But alas! I planned my journey too early! The heather moorland I was expecting was not quite purple enough for my liking, yet.
I shall return!

It was necessary for me to take this hike slowly and purposefully. I was recovering from two earlier hikes this week when my brother came over to Ireland from the UK (I am English) and I wanted to show him some spots in Wicklow. A wicked case of shin splints/MTSS earlier in the week, but I have some methods which I employ to alleviate the pain from this to a certain degree. In a future post, I will detail my strategies for coping with lower leg injuries, I’ve sustained quite a collection over the years! I am trying desperately hard to make sure I have a case of each one, so I can complete the set, sort of like collecting medals, or Pokemon. Gotta catch ’em all :-D.
Walking downhill is a killer though!


Please feel free to comment and let me know your secret cures for lower leg injuries!
I’ve had more than a few! Please also check out my website for more of my work.


11 thoughts on “Croaghanmoira Mountain evening hike

  1. I’ve had shin splints before. Also several sprains. The worst sprain happened after I fell down the stairs and tore ligaments, tendons and muscle. The orthopaedist said it would have been better if I’d broken my leg. That one took a year to heal. The only 2 things I’ve seen that help are a good ace bandage wrapped to support the weak area, and time.

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